From April 2005 through March 2006, Professor Gramlich wrote a column titled "Compass Points" that appeared in Mainebiz. These articles are made available here as PDF reprints via explicit compyright permission granted by Mainebiz.


March 20, 2006: "Crowded house: Could the U.S. Census Bureau's population growth forecast for Maine be off the mark? Absolutely."

March 6, 2006: "Risk and reward: The greatest achievements come when we move outside our comfort zones."

February 20, 2006: "Guided by voices: The words and actions of Maine's past political leaders still speak volumes today."

February 6, 2006: "The underdog theory: Front runners and pace setters aren't always guaranteed a spot in the winner's circle."

January 23, 2006: "Under the microscope: With the rest of the world watching, it's time for the U.S. business community to clean up its act."

January 9, 2006: "Cut the cord: Encouraging workers to stay out of the office can pay big dividends for employers."

December 26, 2005: "The money tree: When federal farm subsidies ignore economic realities, it's time to rethink the system."

December 12, 2005: "Risky business: Some hedge funds produce strong returns, but the rewards may not be worth the risks."

November 28, 2005: "Creative accounting: The approach of another Enron trial means more number games in the news."

November 14, 2005: "Shining the light: Digital democracy would increase oversight of politicians. But is anyone interested?"

October 31, 2005: "Under the microscope: Companies like Wal-Mart should disclose how many of their employees carry health insurance."

October 17, 2005: "The invisible hand: Competition is good for business. So why isn't the university system taking advantage?"

October 3, 2005: "Talking with Ismail: A computer malfunction prompts thoughts on outsourcing and the global economy."

September 19, 2005: "Same old song & dance: The federal energy bill looked promising, but it's full of giveaways to traditional energy companies."

September 5, 2005: "Mercury rising: Earth's climate is changing, and the usual suspects are doing nothing. It's time for Maine to take the lead."

August 22, 2005: "Text messaging: Corporations should be required to explain in more detail why they make the decisions they do."

August 8, 2005: "The other woman: Maine should develop a brand identity to help people focus on what's good about the state."

July 25, 2005: "A matter of timing: In April, MBNA's forecast was bleak. In June, it announced a $35b sale. Any connection?"

July 11, 2005: "Use it or lose it: State budget ahortfalls mean it's time to spend less state money more wisely."

June 27, 2005: "Plugging the drain: A well-funded higher education system would help Maine compete in global economy."

June 13, 2005: "Bad for business: How the new bankruptcy law could hurt small-business growth in Maine?"

May 30, 2005: "Stop the madness: Rewarding execs whose companies are failing doesn't give them any incentive to improve."

May 16, 2005: "Cleared for takeoff: Federal initiatives and new technologies make the dream of flying cars not so far-fetched."

May 2, 2005: "When big gets bigger: Why Maine consumers should care when multinational firms join forces."

April 18, 2005: "An eye on the ball: Social Security isn't the real problem-it's out-of-control federal spending."

April 4, 2005: "The folly of fraud: WorldCom, Enron and the responsibilities of public-company CEOs."















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